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ASP Training Baton Maintenance Kit

$115.99 EA

ASP Batons and Scabbards may be rapidly serviced or repaired with a series of Maintenance Kits. Cutaway batons and scabbards clarify the operational principles of ASP tactical designs. Instructor Folios illustrate the relationship between various batons in the ASP family. They explain differences in Locking System, Length, Grip and Shaft. 18K Gold ASP Presentation Batons and Prestige Cases are ideal as awards, for gifts and at recognition or retirement ceremonies.

This kit contains the materials necessary for replacement of foam on ASP Training Batons. Included with each kit
· Cable Ties (20)
· Duct Tape
· Serrated Knife
· Wire Cutter
· Tip Disks (5)
· Order Form

The cable that holds the cover on 21" and 26" Training Batons is removed using the wire cutter. Slide the cloth
cover near the grip to the side to expose the white cable tie. Using the wire cutter, cut the tie and remove the cover from the baton. The cut cable tie should then be removed from the cover.

Remove the foam from the baton. Purchase additional pipe insulation foam from a local hardware dealer. Cut the
replacement foam to the length of the foam in the Training Baton.

Apply a strip of duct tape to cover the slit in the pipe insulation foam. Using the serrated knife, remove the tip disk from the Training Baton foam. Also remove the foam plug from the end of the foam. Insert the foam plug into the new foam. Place the tip disk over the end of the foam and secure it in place with duct tape.

Thread a new cable tie through the retaining loop of the Training Baton cover. Place the new foam onto the frame
of the Training Baton. Place the cover over the foam. Use the cable tie to secure the cover over the rubber grommet of the baton frame. Clip the excess cable tie with the wire cutter and cover the cable tie with the baton cover.

Replacement foam should be installed any time the inner frame of the Training Baton can be felt through the
striking area of the baton. Failure to replace the foam on a regular basis can result in excessive wear to the
Training Baton cover and expose students to injury during dynamic baton training.

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