Beretta 87 Target .22 LR Target Pistol - Restricted

Beretta 87 Target .22 LR Target Pistol - Restricted
Beretta 87 Target .22 LR Target Pistol - RestrictedBeretta 87 Target .22 LR Target Pistol - Restricted
Brand: Beretta FirearmsBeretta Firearms

SKU: EA-BE-J87T010

SALE: $1,020.78 each

Beretta 87 Target .22 LR Target Pistol, .22LR, 150mm Barrel, Adjustable Target Sights

Beretta CX4 Storm Kit Includes:
2x 10 round magazines
1x Lockable case

Action Single/Double
Barrel length (mm) 97
Barrel length (in) 3.8
Caliber .22 LR
Overall height (mm) 120
Overall height (in) 4.7
Overall length (mm) 172
Overall length (in) 6.1
Overall width (mm) 33
Overall width (in) 1.3
Sight radius (in) 4.9
Sight radius (mm) 124
Weight unloaded (g) 570
Weight unloaded (OZ) 20.1

87 Target: .22 LR Target Pistol for Practical Shooting Matches
The Beretta 87 Target is a practical-shooting competition pistol that is ready to go out of the box. All a competitor would have to do (if desired) is to mount the optics of his choice, which can be done quickly and easily thanks to the built-in Weaver-style rail. The 87 Target can be also used as a great training pistol, since its controls are quite similar in locatio and feel to those of Beretta’s famed 92 Series.
Accurate and Easy to Shoot
As Beretta’s flagship target pistol, the 87 Target has to satisfy some very stringent accuracy requirements. It is capable of producing cloverleafs at distances of 30 yards and more, while the trigger, breaking at a crisp 3lbs, greatly helps minimize muscular interference while shooting it. The grips are ergonomically sized for the hand of the average shooter, but they are easily replaceable with something beefier or slimmer to fit other sizes.

Optimized Quick Target Acquisition, Fast Handling
The 6” (150 mm) gives you a long, 7.5” sight radius to optimize alignment and therefore accuracy when shooting without optics. Also, the sights are user-adjustable for both windage and elevation, so that different target loads may be confidently tried while always staying on target. The front sight may be easily replaced with a thinner blade. Magazine change is designed to be quick and intuitive and to cut down on time. The magazine well is beveled for easy no-see insertion, while magazines have a sturdy rubber pad so that they can be safely dropped during competition without any damage.

Heavy and Steady
At 41 ounces, the 87 Target is designed to feel steady in your hand while shooting. Also, the bottom corners of the pistol are squared; it remains upright when when set down on a flat surface, ready to be quickly gripped, magazine loaded an raised to the target (.22LR Practical Shooting). Overall, the Beretta 87 Target is an ideal rimfire competition pistol giving shooters serious about their improvement a great value out of the box. 

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