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ESS Profile Airsoft w/ Cortex Clip

Brand: Eye Safety SystemsEye Safety Systems
$79.99 EA

The ESS Profile Airsoft with Cortex Clip™ is built specifically for Airsoft use. This configuration features the essential Cortex Clip™ pre-attached to an Airsoft-optimized version of the most widely-used military goggle in the world: the ESS Profile NVG™.

This high-flow goggle with foam-free vents boasts maximum ventilation to enhance anti-fog performance, while the extra-comfortable OpFoam™ face padding allows for hours of comfortable use.

The Profile Airsoft™ uses ESS Profile™ Series military-grade lenses. These extra-thick, 2.8mm polycarbonate lenses offer maximum impact protection, 100% UVA/UVB filtration, and distortion-free optical clarity. They meet and exceed ANSI Z87.1-2010, the U.S. Military .22 caliber ballistic impact test MIL-DTL-43511D (Clause 3.5.10), and CE EN 166.

ESS' advanced ClearZone™ FlowCoat lens treatments provide the optimal combination of anti-scratch coatings on the outside of the lenses and anti-fog coatings on the inside.

Two prescription eyewear solutions are available for ESS Airsoft goggles: the ESS U-Rx™ and P-2B™ Rx Inserts. Both prescription carriers are cross-compatible with ESS Cross-Series™ and ICE™ Eyeshields, providing Rx solutions that can be used across numerous ESS eye pro platforms.


More Information

Airsoft, whether for tactical training or recreation, is a dangerous activity. Eyes are perhaps the portion of the body most vulnerable to the hazards inherent in Airsoft, and proper eye protection is absolutely critical. As the age-old maxim goes, you only get one set of eyes. For this reason, and because ESS believes strongly in the “train as you fight” mentality, ESS has developed the Cortex Clip™ Series, a line of products dedicated to making it safer to wear authentic ESS military and law enforcement goggles on the Airsoft Battlefield.

There are currently no ASTM standards specific to Airsoft. It is therefore more incumbent upon Airsoft Operators to know what eye protection is, or isn’t, safe for Airsoft use. All Airsoft-related statements contained on this website are the express opinion of ESS and are not regulated by any federal, state or local agency or any regulatory authority of any kind.

Airsoft Safety Note:

Airsoft is a hazardous activity. Failure to adhere to and follow all warnings may result in serious or permanent injury.

Do NOT use in the sport of Paintball or in training exercises involving marking rounds, such as Simunition® FX® Marking Cartridges.
Always use the ESS Cortex™ Clip with ESS Profile™ NVG or Profile TurboFan™ goggles. These goggles should NEVER be used in Airsoft activities without a Cortex™ Clip or other ESS-approved Airsoft mask.
This product will not protect the wearer from all eye hazards and other injuries. Additional face/throat/ear protection should also be worn during Airsoft activities.
Please consult the "How to Guide" for complete warnings.

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