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Fox Labs 4oz., 2% OC, Extractor with Hose

Brand: Fox Labs InternationalFox Labs International
$24.99 EA

This 4-ounce unit contains the world famous FIVE POINT THREE® formula used by everyone from the US Military, all types of municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and civilians around the world.

This extractor unit which includes a 3 foot flexible plastic tubing and a nozzle on the can activator. This is ideal for cell extractions. The flexible plastic tube aids in the entry to other hard to reach areas forcing the suspect to come out.

The size of the unit is 5-3/4” H x 1-1/2” Diameter
  • Discharges a fog formula through a tube
  • Extractor hose for cell extractions
  • Ideal for cell extractions
  • Invisible UV dye for suspect identification under black light
  • Nonflammable & Taser safe
  • Birth date on each unit
  • Up to a 3 year warranty

FOX premium defense sprays provide the fastest-acting and most reliable formulas available. They also use the largest nozzle openings, meaning instead of discharging only a gram or less of formula per ½ second burst, these units discharge an astounding 3 grams!

The primary benefits of discharging a greater volume per burst are increasing your odds of hitting your assailant in the face and eyes with the incredible FOX formula, thereby stopping them faster. Remember, no matter how good the formula, if you do not hit the subject in the face and eyes, you greatly reduce your chances of stopping them as fast as you would like to do.

So, your decision is this: do you want a product that sounds good, or one that performs great? It is your safety, and your choice. If you do a bit more research you will find that FOX LABS has earned their reputation through proven performance (not by offering things that just “sound” good).


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