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LT-KZ TSP Tactical Shooting Platform

$399.99 EA

The Tactical Shooting Platform was designed with the sharp shooter in mind. The revolutionary ball design gives the operator the ability to deploy a long gun quickly and safely using the maximum advantage of cover and concealment under almost any conditions or environment. The control system allows the shooter to engage targets at a wide variety of angles and elevations accurately with more stability and precision than can be attained with traditional bipod. Not only will it deliver precision shots in critical situation but it will also enable full automatic rifles to attain better stability and control, mounting the TSP on a high quality tripod will give a sharp shooter a 360 degree shooting radius. The TSP allows the sharp shooter to deliver that critical 1st shot and repeated shots in any position standing, sitting, prone etc. The TSP has two controls making precise adjustments fast and smooth the main grip controls angle, yaw or tilt, elevation with the smooth teflon coated ball. The second control knob is the panoramic or pan feature, this allows the shooter to pan horizontally on a perfect plane with adjustable tension. These two controls give the shooter complete control not found on any other bipod or shooting rest. Available with a Picatinny / 1913 mount or the Universal Clamp which allows for the attachment of almost any long gun with or without Picatinny rails and with any shape stock or forend including Sniper and Sporting type rifles. The TSP can be quick attached or detached via the butterfly knob system. The TSP can be mounted to most any commercially available heavy duty tripod via the 3/8" x 16 threaded base. The TSP is 100% made in the USA using the highest quality Mil Spec materials and craftsmanship.

Solution 1: This unit comes with a three inch long Mil-Spec 1913 picatinny rail attachment point. It quickly tightens and releases from your picatinny rail with 2 rapid close / open butterfly knobs. This can work on shorter rails, but it’s not recommended to have less than 3 inches for larger rifles. 

Solution 2: Optional four inch long universal clamp closure. The mouth expands from 1.75 inches to over 3 inches. This clamp has centering adjustment and closes with 2 rapid close / open butterfly knobs.


  • Ball: 2.75-Inch 6061 Aluminum, Type II, Class III Hard Coat Anodized With A Special Aerospace Teflon Coating.
  • Special Delrin Sleeve
  • Body: Solid Billet 6061 Aluminum, Type II, Class III Hard Coat Anodized.
  • Base: 360 Degrees Panoramic, Solid Bar Alloy Steel With Black Oxide finish With Locking Knob. Standard Size Tripod 3/8-16 Thread
  • Control Handle: 3-Inches Long, 1.5-Inch Diameter. Controls Tension / Movement Of Ball.
  • Mounting: 2 available rifle mounting options. Solution 1 (3" picatinny rail attachment) comes standard with all units. Solution 2 is available for purchase.
  • 100% Made in America!

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