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MagnumSpike Claw

Brand: MagnumSpikeMagnumSpike
$35.00 EA

Placing a MagnumClaw!™ under the tire after you’ve pulled over a vehicle will prevent high-speed chases. The 2-1/2" patented spikes come in a collapsible folding case that is laid flat under the tire of the stationery car at a check point or in a situation where the driver of a vehicle has been stopped for questioning.

The pocket-size trio of patented tire spikes placed under a stationery vehicle’s tire deflates the tire if the vehicle moves. The tire spikes are released into the tire from the MagnumClaw!™ penetrating and deflating the tire. The driver can't flee or initiate a high-speed chase. The MagnumClaw!™ will totally deflate tires helping law enforcement to contain and control what could otherwise turn into a potentially dangerous situation.

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