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Mitee-Bite Locating Pins and Liners

Brand: Mitee-Bite CNC Fixture ClampsMitee-Bite CNC Fixture Clamps
$38.99 EA

Locating Pins and Liners

Use our Diamond and Tapered pins to standardize your shop with a universal pattern, allowing fixtures to be quickly mounted to any machining center.

  • Designed with simplicity in mind – easy to install and remove
  • Available with Inch or Metric hardware
  • Cylindrically ground
  • Heat treated 8620
  • Use with our Loc-Down® clamps for a low cost quick change system
Part NumberDescription
51000 Set of pins with M4 screws
52000 Set of pins with 8-32 screws
45070 Liners (2 pk)

Loc-Down® Quick Change Kit

Part NumberDescriptionSize
11500 Loc-Down® 1/2-13
11550 Loc-Down® Quick Change Kit* 1/2-13
11612 Loc-Down® M12
11650 Loc-Down® Quick Change Kit* M12
11530 Carbide Cutter  
11535 Loc-Down® Insertion Tool  
11520 Custom Bushings  

*Kit includes 4 Loc-Downs®, 4 custom bushings, insertion tool, 4 liners, 4 chip caps, 1 diamond and tapered pin with mounting screws.

Loc-Down Kit with chip caps 

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