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MagnumSpike Training Vehicle Spikestrip

Brand: MagnumSpikeMagnumSpike
$674.00 EA

All systems are measured from the first spike to the last, i.e. usable length.  Included with every MS system is a winding reel with 45 ft.of 150 lb. test nylon cord, 50 extra spikes with safety caps, collars, a Kevlar glove for replacing spikes, a video, and a 5-year,100% warranty for any components, including spikes.

Training unit with rubber tire spikes and tire deflation system is available in the MS16 foot wrap & roll unit.  Train your staff with out damage to your vehicles with this rubber tire spike tire deflation training system.

Model: Rubber Training Unit


Deployed Length

16 ft.

Case Type

Nylon Soft

Dimensions in Case

19.5"x8" (roll)

Shipping Dimensions


Net Weight

13 lbs

Shipping Weight

16 lbs

Number of Spikes


Public Safety Tool: The MagnumSpike!™ TDD is the only engineered system on the market to safely and more swiftly deflate all tires including the new self-sealing and run-flat tires. Decreasing chase time increases officer safety, saves lives and prevents property damage.

Safety, Simplicity of Use: The key objective in designing the patented MagnumSpike!™ is safety and ease of use. This U.S.-made system is very easy to handle and can be deployed in seconds under any weather conditions or road surfaces. It allows officers complete control of the situation without exposing themselves to dangerous traffic. MagnumSpike!™ has a 100% safety record since day one!

Predictable Safe Stops: The MagnumSpike!™ is the only TDD spike that is designed to safely and swiftly end high speed pursuits consistently within a predictable short distance. It gives control back to the officers over an extremely dangerous situation, preventing property damage and safeguarding the lives of law enforcement officers, innocent bystanders and the occupants of the pursued vehicle.

Quickest Controlled Safe Stops: The MagnumSpike!™ three-cornered spike and choke-proof design has been engineered to end the chase in seconds. This is important because 50 percent of all pursuit collisions occur during the first two minutes of a pursuit, according to a report of the National law Enforcement & Corrections Technology Center.

NIJ Tested: State-of-the-art, instant deployment, portable MagnumSpike!™ system is the only one on the market to consistently stop vehicles equipped with the new self-sealing and run flat tires. Seven tests of tire deflation devices by the National Institute of Justice showed MagnumSpike!™ is prepared for the tire technology of tomorrow, stopping all vehicles equipped with self-sealing and run-flat tires.

Any Model Stops ’Em All: The fully assembled, portable system works 100 percent under all conditions and circumstances. Every HIT is a STOP. You do not need a different model for larger vehicles. The same system can stop all vehicles from small sub compacts to semis.

Chase, No-Chase Policies:  The MagnumSpike!™ tire deflation system can be used even in large departments with restrictive or no-chase policies. Used in conjunction with their instant communications, the MagnumSpike!™ tire spike gives officers the confidence to act quickly and safely, stopping suspects in their tracks, thereby avoiding a potentially dangerous high-speed chase.

Best Value & Service: The MagnumSpike!™ is the ultimate solution to all of your high speed pursuit problems. It is far superior in every way and at a price that is substantially lower than any other tire deflation device on the market. This allows you to stretch your budget and equip more squad and patrol cars. And our after sales service cannot be beaten.

Best Warranty: Our warranty is free of any fine print, no ifs, ands, or buts. Any and all components, including spikes, are guaranteed for five years while in use and replaced free of charge.


Feature MagnumSpike!
Stop Stick Stinger 
Deployed length 16 ft.  15 ft. (Including one extra 3 ft. section) 15.5 ft.
Dimensions in case 19" long x 7.5' diameter-roll 3"' x 3" x 36" (trunk lid rack)

20.5 " x 17.5" x 2.75"

Volume in case 693 cubic inches/0.40
cubic feet
1,026 cubic inches/0.59 cubic feet

987 cubic inches/0.57 cubic feet

Total weight of system 12 lbs. 8 lbs.

12 lbs.

Type of carrying case Heavy duty ballistic nylon zipper case Trunk lid fitted rack, not transferable

Plastic hard case

Base/scissor slats material Elastomeric nylon proprietary alloy Styrofoam core wrapped in plastic

Elastomeric nylon alloy, zytel


Precision Cast

Roll Pin

160 Magnum spikes 180 roll pins in 5 three-foot sections but since they face three ways, there are only 60 working quills at any one time

110 quills

2.5" long with 3 sharp-cornered edges
1/2" at base
2" quill inclusive of separate tip. Body of quill is steel roll pin 0.19" outer dia., 0.11" inner dia.

1.75" long x 0.14" outer dia., 0.11" inner dia.

metal alloy

Stainless steel

Engineered, 3-cornered
elongated pyramid
Tubular split quill, in reality a roll pin with separate conical tips

Tubular/pipe cut at a sharp angle

(Clogging or choking)
Patented clog-proof design Won't clog Definite possibility of clogging
(Ability to deflate tires)
Will deflate tires with total thickness
of tread and casing up to 2.5"
Should deflate tires if total thickness of tread and casing is under 2" Should deflate tires if total thickness of tread and casing is under 1.75"
(Ability to stop speeding vehicles with run-flat tires)
Designed for large air escape & engineered to cut up tires. Stops all tires, including run-flats Distance between quills being 3" reduces the possibility of the quill lodging in the critical side wall area of run flats Minimal at best on run-flat tires
(Direction)  All directions Bi-directional Bi-directional
Replacement Spikes  50 spikes with 50 holder retainers, stainless hardware & 50 protective caps Not applicable 10 quills with compression sleeves, tip guards, and special tool
Deployment rope or cord  45 ft. of 150 lb. test nylon cord on reel with press button release & quick rewind 80 ft. of polyester cord on open reel 30 ft. of rope on an open spool
Assembly/disassembly  No tools required to replace or switch spikes around Two or more sticks destroyed at every hit Philips screwdriver required
Multiple use ability  Will withstand multiple high speed impacts Destroyed first time it is run over Capable of withstanding multiple high speed impacts
Ability to replace or switch spikes in the field  No tools required to replace or switch spikes around No possibility of replacing spikes Needs special tool to replace spikes

Run-Flat Tires test video shows a certain stop by MagnumSpike!™
puncturing both of the vehicle's front tires during a high-speed
test course using run-flat tires.

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