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LTAC Tunable Adjustable Buffer with Weights (2.5 - 6.2oz) Rifle Calibers

Brand: Lockhart TacticalLockhart Tactical
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Perfect for our Raven. Easily switch between rifle caliber buffer weights and tune your rifle for your exact ammunition loads.

Features a 3 Inch length Stainless body with a polyurethane bumper.
Drop in fit with any standard Mil-spec or commercial buffer tubes.

Each adjustable buffer kit comes with multiple weights allowing you to tune the weight combination of your rifle depending on what caliber you are shooting.

Comes with 2 aluminum, 2 stainless steel and 2 tungsten weights (2.5oz - 6.2oz)
Weights are easily adjusted in seconds.

Weight Codes:
W (Tungsten) 1.5 oz
SS (Stainless) 0.7 oz
Al (Aluminum) 0.2 oz

Empty Stainless Buffer - 2.5oz

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