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Eberlestock Accessory Straps

Brand: EberlestockEberlestock
$4.99 EA

Accessory Straps: We're often asked how to ties stuff onto our packs. Most of our packs have built-in compression straps that are perfect for cranking gear onto the pack, so that's a ready-made solution for many of our products. But the packs also have Padlock webbing in various locations, that let you add accessory compartments, or simply strap things on. We offer these 1" accessory straps as a way to easily lash on sleeping bags, pads, tents, etc. Approximately 24" long (see our ACSL if you need longer straps or quick-release straps). Choose two straps for $4.99, or four for $7.99. Available in Dry Earth only.

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