Santa Cruz Model SC-931-5-MR Muzzle Down Rifle Gun Rack

Brand: Santa Cruz Firearm LocksSanta Cruz Firearm Locks

SKU: SC-931-5-MR

SALE: $329.00 EA

The Muzzle Down SC-5 Gun Rack is a great way to secure patrol rifles and shotguns with the muzzle pointing downwards on the passenger side floor of vehicle, in the cargo area of SUV’s or on any flat surface.
Installation kit for a muzzle down setup.
Components include:

  • 1 x SC-5-XL Universal Gun Lock (key: #2 or handcuff)
  • 1 x SC-403 L-Muzzle Plate
  • 1 x SC-9302 Mounting Hinge
  • 1 x SC-9311 Muzzle Cup
  • 2 x SC-401 Upright Brackets
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Installation Instructions


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