Santa Cruz Model SC-7100 Rapid Access RFID System for Santa Cruz Gun Racks

Brand: Santa Cruz Firearm LocksSanta Cruz Firearm Locks

SKU: SC-7100

SALE: $164.00 EA

For over 25 years, we have been pushing to bring law enforcement officers the highest quality weapon security equipment there is.
Today, we bring you yet another innovation. The Santa Cruz Gunlocks Rapid Access RFID System. This product combines security and accessibility on the highest level.
Our Rapid Access RFID system gives officers immediate, handsfree access to their firearms, using only gross motor skills. This system is quickly being adopted by elite special operations groups such as US C-SOG.
This product can be used in conjunction with any Santa Cruz Gunlocks Gun Rack. The system comes with an RFID reading module, 2 RFID bracelets, 1 programming card and 1 delete card. Using our SC-7009-A Adjustable Delay Timer, one Rapid Access RFID system can be used to operate up to 10 gun racks.

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