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Lockhart Tactical STATAS Always Release Dual Trigger

Brand: Lockhart TacticalLockhart Tactical
$49.99 EA

The Lockhart Tactical STATAS Always Release Trigger expands the capabilities of the STATAS and any other trip wire system*!

Additional STATAS Information can be found here!

What does the Always Release Trigger do?
There are two ways to rig a typical trip line.
1) Require an animal to walk through the line pulling the trip pin out of the firing mechanism.
2) Animal has to cut or release the trip line under tension which releases the firing mechanism.

Both of these types requires an specific reaction from an animal to trigger the device. Instead, our brand new Always Release Dual Trigger, works with both types of reactions.

The entire housings are machined from billet 7075-T6 with a Black Anodized Finishes ensuring they are light weight for carrying while being incredibly strong.

Trigger benefits (3)
1) Trip wire system WILL deploy if an animal walks through the line.
2) Trip wire system WILL deploy if an animal cuts the line.
3) Trip wire system WILL deploy with only a few pounds of force when walking through the line instead of the much larger force required as per normal. Example, a standard trip line may require an excess of 20lbs of force on the trip line to activate it. By using our system it will only require a few pounds.

Ball Bearing Release Trigger
Billet 7075-T6 Construction
Black Anodized Finish

*Other trip wire systems are only compatible with our trigger if their firing spring weight is less than 11 pounds.

WARNING: Any flares, blank, or any other munition can be very loud!

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