Lockhart Tactical Precision 2 Round Match Saver - Bullet Quiver

Brand: Lockhart TacticalLockhart Tactical


SALE PRICE: $40.00 each


Design with intent
A phrase constantly heard while both office and testing in the field between our engineers. Design with intent. Every aspect of the Lockhart Tactical Precision 2 Round Match Saver has been fine-tuned to ensure you have rounds when you need them most.

Whether competition shooting or for use while hunting, use this bullet holders help save critical seconds during reloads.

Ounces to Pounds, Pounds to Pain, We've designed our bullet carriers to be feather light, weighing as little as 0.05lbs (27grams).

Our unique one-piece, solid aluminum holders are the only ones available on the market that automatically adjust the tension on your rounds.

To install, simply attach the precision machined match saver into your M-LOK Slot, tighten the included hardware and you're ready to rock and roll. Instead of other options on the market that require multiple M-LOK spaces, ours were designed to only need one!

Package Contents:
1x Precision Match Saver
2x M-LOK Hardware Sets


  • Made from Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Designed and Manufactured Entirely in Canada by Lockhart Tactical
  • Mil-Spec Black, Red and Blue Hard Coat Anodized, or Cerakoted in other colors
  • 100% Ambidextrous Design for Left and Right Handed Shooters
  • Enclosed Front to Protect Bullet Tip
  • Only Requires 1 M-LOK Slot!
  • Automatic Friction Adjustment
  • M-LOK Firearm Attachment
  • Solid one-piece design
  • 100% Snag Free
  • Lifetime Warranty

2 Round Match Saver Weights
5.56: 27 grams

7.62: 38 grams
338: 50 grams
50 BMG: 82grams

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