LTAC Raven Modular Caliber Kit - Standard Length - 9x19mm

Brand: Lockhart TacticalLockhart Tactical


SALE: $487.02 EA
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LTAC Talon 9MM Muzzle Brake 1/2-28 Thread
LTAC Talon Ambi Modular Top Charging Handle - Standard Length
LTAC Tunable Adjustable Buffer with Weights (4.6 - 11oz) Pistol Calibers
LTAC M-LOK 5.5" Picatinny Rails (13 Slot)
LTAC M-LOK 2.5" Picatinny Rails (5 Slot)
Raven Spare Parts Kit - Wear Parts
Add Raven Handguard 18"

Transform your Raven from 5.56 NATO to 9x19mm without any tools in under 30 seconds.

9x19mm Barrel twist rate: 1:10

Parts Included:
Standard Length Magwell (Fits 9x19mm and .40 S&W) (PLATINUM & GOLD)
Ambidextrous Magazine Release Kit
- Right Hand Magazine Release Button (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Right Hand Magazine Release Pin (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Left Hand Magazine Release Button (PLATINUM ONLY)
- Left Hand Magazine Catch / Release Cross Pin (PLATINUM ONLY)
- Magazine Catch Spring (PLATINUM & GOLD)
Ambidextrous Bolt Catch Kit
- Right Hand Bolt Catch / Release Button (PLATINUM ONLY)
- Right Hand Threaded Locking Rod (PLATINUM ONLY)
- Left Hand Bolt Catch / Release Button (PLATINUM ONLY)
- Left Hand Threaded Locking Rod (PLATINUM ONLY)
- Bolt Catch Connector Rod (PLATINUM ONLY)
- Bolt Catch Plunger (PLATINUM ONLY)
- Bolt Catch Plunger Spring (PLATINUM ONLY)
- Bolt Catch Top Plate (PLATINUM ONLY)
- Bolt Catch Top Screws (PLATINUM ONLY)
Standard Length Caliber Upper Receiver (Fits [9x19mm] [.40 S&W] [10mm [.45 Auto]) (PLATINUM & GOLD)
Raven Standard Length Bolt Complete
- Bolt Rear (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Bolt Front (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Bolt Connecting Pin (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Ejector (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Extractor (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Firing Pin (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Firing Pin Spring (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Firing Pin Retaining Pin (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Firing Pin Spring (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Alignment Key (PLATINUM & GOLD)
- Alignment Key Screws (PLATINUM & GOLD)
9x19mm Barrel Threaded 19.5" (REMOVED IN BUILDERS KIT)
Non-Tunable Buffer Weight (REMOVED IN BUILDERS KIT)

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