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LTAC Raven .22LR Complete Bolt Carrier Group Only

Brand: Lockhart TacticalLockhart Tactical
$399.99 EA
LTAC Raven .22LR Magazine - 25 Round Capacity

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Transform your Raven 5.56 NATO to .22LR Rimfire without any tools in under 30 seconds.

Simply remove your 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group and insert your new .22LR bolt system and swap to your .22LR magazines and you're up and running!

Industry Standard Magazine Compatible:
Our unique system works with our upcoming Lockhart Tactical 22LR Magazine as well as standard CMMG style and BLACKDOG magazines.

Dual Charging Capabilties:
Our system has been designed to allow both our standard side charging handles on the left or right hand side as well as our top charging handle.

NOTE: Side Charging Handle and Top Charging Handles are not included in kit as you will already have these on your rifle.

LTAC Dust Cover Door Compatible:
The .22LR system is also compatible with our dust cover door option. Allowing you to close the door with a round in the chamber, and the door will automatically open and eject the spent casing after the first round is fired!

Parts included in the .22LR Complete Bolt Carrier Group Only Option:
- Bolt Carrier and Ejector
- Bolt
- Chamber Adapter

- Extractor
- Extractor Spring
- Extractor Retaining Pin

- Firing Pin
- Firing Pin Spring
- Firing Pin Retaining Pin
- Recoil End Plate
- Recoil Spring
- Recoil Spring Guide Rod
- Recoil Spring Housing

- Hardware

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