Lockhart Tactical Raven 9 Semi Automatic Pistol Caliber Carbine 9mm (PRE-ORDER SPECIAL)

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SALE: $1,350.07 each
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Anticipated Canadian FRT Classification: NON-RESTRICTED

The Raven will be Canada's most ergonomic, advanced pistol calibre carbine (PCC) on the market. Precision machined, and packed with operator friendly features, this carbine is ready to crush the competition.

Born as a lefty? Feeling hopless? Cry no more!
We're fully ambidextrous for safety selector, magazine release, bolt catch and charging operations.

Compatibility is everything.
The raven is already setup for top and /or side charging handle options making our platform fit your preferred style best.

Canada Proud
Canadian designed, manufactured and assembled; This carbine is made by shooters, for shooters. The team at Lockhart has pulled off the near impossible task of blending form, function, lightweightness and value.

Barrel Specifications
The heart of the Raven is it’s target smashing barrel. It’s match grade 18.6 inches of perfection is crafted from 416R stainless steel which is then 5R button rifled to squeeze every available milliradian of accuracy out of every round fired.

5R is an improvement over conventional rifling by changing the shape and configuration of the lands and grooves. Conventional rifling, while effective, can be improved upon in two ways.     
1. Conventional rifling has sharp 90-degree corners from the top of the land to the bottom of the groove.
2.Conventional rifling has lands and grooves opposing one another. 5R rifling improves upon this by using 5 lands and grooves over the even numbers which puts lands opposite of grooves. Further, the transition from the top of the land to the groove is sloped.

5R reduces projectile deformation as it passes through the bore during the firing sequence. By placing the lands opposite of the grooves, the bullets are no longer squeezed on opposite sides ensuring the projectile stays uniform instead of squeezing material into the grooves. More uniform projectile means better accuracy.

A Handguard like no-other
Our barrel is concealed by our proprietary aluminum hand guard.
Understanding that one design doesn't work for everyone, we have incorporated five (5) built in QD sling studs while only weighting a mere 0.77lbs!

Accessorize Yourself
We also offer a dual picatinny mounting solution. Use either the twenty eight (28) provided MLOK attachment slots, or use our thirty (30) threaded holes to attach additional rails on the 3, 6, or 9 o'clock position.

Tool-less Takedown
The Raven features beyond this world tool-less take down! Seperate the upper, lowers, handguard and bolt without any tools. Like the rest of the Raven. No other PCC comes close. Did we mention it takes under 30 seconds?

Featherlight Weight
Weight matters, so we shaved everything we could. Yes it costs us more to machine, but the end result is a work of art. Weighing less than nearly every other "competitor", the Raven is well balanced to ensure comfort while keeping you on target.
Go ahead and dominate your sport with the Raven 9. ;)

1) Made in Canada with love!
2) Semi Automatic 9mm Carbine
3) Dual style ambidextrous charging handles
4) Ambidextrous safety Selectors
5) Ambidextrous symmetrical magazine releases
6) Ambidextrous symmetrical bolt catch / releases
7) Automatic last round bolt hold open
8) Tool-less receiver take down for easy cleaning / storage
9) Tool-less hand guard removal
10) Tool-less barrel removal for compact transport, storage, and cleaning
11) Match grade 416R stainless steel, 5R button rifled barrel that is threaded, and includes thread protector!
12) Lifetime warranty on barrel!
13) 2 year warranty on firearm
14) Featherweight 6.4 lbs unloaded
15) Accepts Glock magazines
16) Compact. OAL is 37” fully extended, 33” fully collapsed.
17) Packs down to 19” long x 7” tall x 2” wide (Cannot fire when taken apart)
18) Stainless steel hardware enhances durability by resisting corrosion.
19) Billet aluminum upper receiver
20) Billet 7075-T6 aluminum lower receiver

Whats in the box
Each Raven is shipped with the following
1) One Magazine
2) Safe Use, Maintenance Instructional Manual
3) Combination Trigger Lock
4) Firearm Cleaning Tool

Back Up Plan
While designing the RAVEN, we opted to use off the shelf parts whenever possible. Not only does it mean a lower cost for manufacturing which in turn keeps your purchasing price lower, but it also means there will always be an abundance of spare parts anywhere you go ensuring you have an easy back up plan for when you have an "oops".

Lets say you're parachuting down into your local range, and while slowly getting closer to the ground you realize you're left handed friend swapped your charging handle to the other side of the rifle while he borrowed it last weekend. Not a problem! You take out your allen key and while removing the handle screw, you accidently drop it. Don't worry, any fastner store will have a #8 – 32 replacement screw.

Need to swap out your ejector for any reason and can't wait a few days to get one from us? No problem! It's an off the shelf part found at many gunstores!

Replacement Parts
Want to get a few back up parts? No problem. We'll have thousands of extra parts in stock to ensure we always have your back and you're not waiting months to get a small part replaced.

Have you ever bought a firearm that was so complex to do proper maintenance, that you just never bothered to do it?
We took the extra time to engineer our Raven so that won't happen.

Every manual includes details instructions how to remove and replace every part with ease and the most limited tools required!

Only 5 tools are needed to remove every part!
Your Hands
Hex key for #8-32 Hex screws
Small Roll Pin Punch & Hammer
Castle Nut Wrench
3/16th inch Hex Key for Grip

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