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What are the STATAS devices primary features? Check out this fun Video!

When setting up your STATAS to protect your camp, Remember that different animals see colors differently!
Keeping this in mind allows you to select the most appropriate trip line.

Why Would I Want Different Color Lines?
Depending on where and how you setup your trip lines, if you are preoccupied with other tasks, you may not see your own trip line and accidently deploy it!
RED lines are much easier for humans to spot in a green forest, where as the GREEN lines blend in very well.

Our newest STATAS kits are now packaged with both 1x OD Green (16M/50ft) and 1x Red(16M/50ft) instead of 2x OD Green as our previous kits were.
Giving you even greater flexibility in its use!

We still offer SPARE trip wire which is available in either color you wish. Spare STATAS Trip Wire

Certain predators CANNOT see RED very well making this color of trip line a perfect combination for you! You and those around you can see it easily, however the threat can not.

The most common predators in North America are Bears, Mountain Lions (Cougars) and Wolves.

Studies indicate that bears do see in color.
Bears particularly see colors on the blue end of the spectrum very well. They do not see reds as well as we do.

In fact, if you go into the woods wearing a blaze-orange shirt and blue jeans, they can easily see blue better than you can, but sees the orange only as subdued tones. The orange would be barely visible but the blue would glow like the fluorescent orange does to our eyes!

Mountain Lions (Cougars):
Can Mountain Lions see in color? Mountain lions do not see color as well as high contrast. As such, they cannot see the color red very well.

Wolves’ color receptors are not as developed as they are with humans, and this means that wolves don’t see colors as clearly as we can. Typically colors such as red will appear for wolves in shades. During the day they can see colors better, however at night they can only see black and white!

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