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Lockhart Tactical - LTAC-GUARDIAN FIVE Threat (5) Shot Predator Distraction Device

Brand: Lockhart TacticalLockhart Tactical
$399.99 EA
LTAC-Guardian Remote Control
LTAC-GUARDIAN Picatinny Rail Quick Detach Remote Control Holder
LTAC-GUARDIAN Molle Mount Quick Detach Remote Control Holder
LTAC-Guardian Double Deployment Pouch

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NEWS: We just upgraded the unit from (3) to (5) shots in the same foot prin

More information will be released soon.

How much does a typical 9 Banger Cost?

A typical single use multi banger could cost up to $150 USD. Making it extremely expensive per throw. As a result, many cannot afford to do extended training making them feel less comfortable with the devices when they use them. Instead, our solution allows endless low cost training with each device!

LTAC-GUARDIAN deployment cost:
Each reload is between ~ $0.05 - $0.30 depending if (1), (2), (3), (4) or (5) shots are used.

How is the Lockhart Tactical LTAC-GUARDIAN different from other DDs?
The LTAC-GUARDIAN is unlike any other handheld device on the planet. Our patent pending deployment system features a range of firing modes. Also our device does not use any dangerous explosives and instead uses off the shelf civilian legal components. This DD can even be used Indoors to train without causing any destruction.

The LTAC-GUARDIAN Predator Distraction Device features four primary modes:
Impact - Immediate deployment upon ground impact once thrown.
Programmable Delay - Timer delayed deployment once thrown.
Motion - Deploy when bumped or pulled (trip wire)
Remote - Deploy or Abort from a distance (Range ~ 50M / 160ft)

What is the Service Life?

The LTAC-GUARDIAN should last indefinitely. If any major components ever become damaged from abusive use; refurbishment is available and can be done in the field easily with minimal tools.

Guardian Compatible Munitions:
We've designed our device to be an Omnivore of off the shelf safe munitions.
Minimum of 3 safe and cost effective off the shelf solutions to choose from!
More to follow.

How the FIVE Threat (5) Model Works:
1) With the System turned OFF, charge the firing mechanism
2) Select compatible safe, non-destructive munition and load up to (5) charges in the device
3) When ready to use, Turn device on, and select desired mode.
4) Press and Release the ACTIVATE button and use.

Intergrated Safeties:
The LTAC-Guardian Cannot deploy without your command.
Once the device turns on, it automatically mechanically LOCKS itself so that it cannot fire.
If any problems are detected during the start up cycle, the device will lock itself out until it is serviced.

What is the LTAC-GAURDIAN designed for?
We've designed the LTAC-GAURDIAN to serve Hikers and Joggers as a safety device to ward off dangerous animal predators. Unlike a bear banger which is a single firing device and slow to reload, our (5) Banger model will automatically deploy (5) times! Bear Spray requires you to be dangerously close to the animal instead of protecting yourself from a distance.

Diameter: 2"
Length: ~ 5"
Hexagon Exterior: Anti Roll and a Slip Free Grip
Estimated Battery Life: (2x CR123) 40~ Hrs of Standby + 200 Shot Cycles
Loudness: Up to 130 dBa
Under 2 minutes to Reload!

Weather Proof and Ready To Defend
We've created the LTAC-Guardian to be as weatherproof as possible, while ensuring its incredibly easy to change batteries, reload, and maintain in the field if needed. We don't know how hard on your guardian you plan to be, so we designed it expecting the worse! Accidently ran over it with an M1 Abrams MBT? No problem.. Swap out the pieces you need in the field and get back up and running.

Your Guardian is ready for whatever you are.

List of Accessories Which Will Be Released
Picatinny Rail Quick Detach Remote Mount

Molle Webbing Quick Detach Remote Mount

Guardian Software Updates:
More Accessories WILL be coming! Each Guardian's software will be setup to accept OVER-THE-AIR updates ensuring your Guardian is always easily updatable and compatible with all new and exciting compatible new releases!

Patent Pending.

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