Streamlight Buckmasters Trident Headlamp
2014-03-13 06:17
This multi-purpose Trident headlamp provides you the versatility of a bright white C4 LED to illuminate objects at a distance or light your way throug
KR-ST-61070 SALE: $44.99 each
Streamlight Argo Headlamp
2014-03-19 23:40
If you often find yourself needing to illuminate objects at a distance, the long-range capability of the Argo delivers a far-reaching beam of 190 mete
KR-ST-61301 SALE: $49.99 each
Streamlight Enduro LED Headlamp
2014-03-19 23:49
One of the smallest and most lightweight head-lamps we offer. It features both High and Low lighting modes and a runtime up to 12 hours. Powered by
KR-ST-61400 SALE: $22.99 each
Streamlight Trident Headlamp
2014-03-20 03:07
When you need a light that will provide you with the broadest range of lighting applications for everyday use, whether distance or “up close” work
KR-ST-61050 SALE: $39.99 each
Streamlight 3AA HAZ-LO Headlamp
2014-03-20 03:51
We engineered this compact, long-running, high-performance headlight to meet the hazardous locations while maintaining exceptional light output and a
KR-ST-61200 SALE: $67.99 each
Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO Helmet Lighting Kit
2014-03-20 05:14
Universal lighting kit fits both traditional and modern style firefighting helmets. It is a low-profile, lightweight, economical alternative for secur
KR-ST-68270 SALE: $94.99 each
Streamlight PolyTac Helmet Lighting Kit
2014-03-20 05:31
Universal lighting kit fits both traditional and modern style firefighting helmets. It is a low-profile, lightweight, economical alternative for secur
KR-ST-88854 SALE: $102.99 each
Streamlight ProTac HL Headlamp
2014-03-20 11:44
The HL® Series has gone hands free! When your task requires both hands and a bright light with a wide, flood beam, reach for the ProTac HL Headlamp.
KR-ST-61304 SALE: $100.99 each
Streamlight Vantage
2014-03-20 03:44
HELMET-MOUNTED TACTICAL LIGHT The solution to firemen’s hands-free lighting needs. Compact, powerful, shock-proof, and virtually indestructible
KR-ST-69140 SALE: $204.99 each
Princeton Tec - Remix Pro MPLS Red/White (NEW MODEL)
2014-06-12 04:58
The Remix Pro MPLS packs a bright 300 lumen spot beam, an array of Ultrabright LEDs in red, green and blue for administrative lighting, plus a flashin
PT-RMX300PRO-NOD-RD SALE: $99.00 each
Sunbrite Systems Mini Headlamp
2014-06-15 10:20
The Sunbrite Systems Mini Headlamp is a lightweight and versatile headlamp. It features a comfortable headband made of 2mm high-quality 
REDP-SS-SBMINI SALE: $16.99 each
Sunbrite Systems Sport Headlamp
2014-06-15 10:44
The Sunbrite Systems Sport Headlamp is a small, lightweight and portable headlamp that weighs 35 grams. A great choice for hiking, camping,
Sunbrite Systems Candu Headlamp
2014-06-15 10:57
The Sunbrite Systems Candu Headlight is one of the star products of Sunbrite Systems. It's compact design and ease of use make this headlamp
5.11 S+R H6 Headlamp
2015-02-27 03:25
Purpose BuiltDesigned to give search and rescue operators and first responders with reliable, hands-free, high power illumination, the S+R™ H6 Headl
KR-5.11-53192 SALE: $109.99 each
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Princeton Charge
2015-09-22 15:47
The Charge was designed with helmet rail mounting in mind, offering a lower lumen light output for close at hand administrative tasks when in the fiel
PRINCETON-C-3 SALE: $109.99 each
Princeton Tec EOS Tactical
2015-09-22 16:09
The EOS Tactical headlamp is compact, military tough and is housed in an ultra light, 3 AAA platform. Princeton Tec’s premiere overmolding process
Princeton Tec EOS MPLS Headlamp
2015-09-22 16:09
Short DescriptionEOS MPLS Headlamp, Black, 45 lm, w/Red/Blue/Green LEDs Long Description The EOS Tactical MPLS is where the fast and effective capabi
Princeton Fred
2015-09-22 17:08
The founding member of The Family, the Fred combines ergonomic design, reliable function, and light weight to make one killer headlamp. The red LED h
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Princeton Tec Switch Rail Light
2015-09-22 17:25
Short DescriptionSwitch Rail Light, Tan, 10 lm, w/Red/White LED Long Description Switch Rail is a low-signature weapon mounted task light. Designed f
Princeton Fuel
2015-09-22 17:30
What could be better than a light that weighs only 2.8 oz with 70 lumens of brightness and 146 hours of burn time? In addition to light weight and lo
Princeton Charge Pro
2015-09-22 17:32
The Charge Pro was designed to mount to various helmet rail systems, but has become more versatile including a wide variety of mounts that allow you t
PRINCETON-CP-3 SALE: $119.99 each
Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp
2015-09-22 18:00
Short DescriptionVizz Headlamp w/LED, Green, 205 lm Long Description The Vizz is feature-loaded with three distinct beam profiles easily accessed via
Princeton Remix Rechargeable
2015-09-22 18:32
The Remix series of headlamps are versatile, durable and offer a wide variety of modes in a lightweight package. The Remix Rechargeable adds to those
Princeton EOS II
2015-09-22 18:41
The Intrinsically Safe EOS II is designed and constructed to meet the most rigorous of demands both in application and environment, worn with or witho
Princeton Swerve
2015-09-22 19:20
The Swerve uses two high-powered LEDs flashing at an alternating rate to create a long throw 180° beam pattern. Because the eye must juggle these two
Princeton Quad Tactical MPLS
2015-09-22 19:55
The Quad Tactical MPLS takes our durable and lightweight Tactical Quad headlamp and makes it a modular force with Princeton Tec’s MPLS engineering.
SureFire Maximus Rechargeable Variable-Output LED Headlamp
2015-12-11 03:09
The SureFire Maximus™ rechargeable variable-output LED headlamp delivers an amazing 500 lumens of light—enough to illuminate your entire campsite.
KR-SF-HS3-A-BK SALE: $274.99 each
SureFire Maximus Vision Rechargeable Variable-Output LED Headlamp
2015-12-11 03:12
The SureFire Maximus™ Vision rechargeable variable-output LED headlamp features a specially selected high-efficiency LED that delivers 450 lumens of
KR-SF-HS3W-A-BK SALE: $274.99 each
Fenix 900 Lumen4 X AA Batteries High Power Headlamp
2016-05-11 16:21
This high-powered expedition headlamp is designed for outdoor leaders. The HP15 pushes past current performance boundaries with a 900-lumen max output
HP15UE SALE: $75.64 each
Fenix 900 Lumen Hight Output 2x18650 Batteries Headlamp
2016-05-11 16:29
The Fenix HP30 Headlamp employs high-capacity, belt-mounted 18650 cells to generate 900 lumens in Burst mode, 500 lumens in High output. An extended 2
HP30 SALE: $104.53 each
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