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  1. Reliability Test (360 Rounds Rapid Fire in 3 mins)
  2. Bolt Catch Function Video
  3. Zero Ejection Port Issues for Left Handed Shooters
  4. Raven 9 Modularity and Caliber Change Instructions

Raven 9 Enhancements as of 06 July 2022
1) Trigger Lower / Magwell Interface enhanced
2) Standard Length Upper adjusted for use up to .45 AUTO
3) Standard Length Upper Ejector adjusted for use up to .45 AUTO
4) Bolt Front interface adjusted for use up to .45 AUTO
5) Bolt Rear interface adjusted for use up to .45 AUTO
6) Barrel Nut Flats added for optional locking
7) Side Charging Handle key hole added for optional locking
8) Bolt Catch LH Rear enhanced
9) Bolt Catch LH Front enhanced
10) Bolt Catch LH Pivot Bar enhanced
11) Magazine Stop / Bolt Catch Stop Plate key added
12) Standard Glock Magwell keyway added
13) Standard Glock Magwell secondary pivot shaft added to allow future enhancements
14) All locking hardware upgraded to 316 Stainless Steel with a Dark Finish
15) All roll pins upgraded to custom hex key hardware
16) Black Anodizing upgraded to Graphite Black H Series Cerakote
17) Magazine Catch Upgraded
18) Firing Pin Enhanced

Why did we switch to Cerakote?
Even though Cerakote is a much more expensive finish, the benefits for you the end user, are priceless.

Cerakote is in a division of its own when it comes to gun coatings. Cerakote acts as a lubricant and many firearm users have noticed they can use much less of gun lubricant. And compared to other lubricants, users report that it attracts less of the unwanted stuff such as dirt, dust, and other particles — keeping it cleaner and functioning optimally.

Pair this excellent Cerakote finish with the self lubricating DLC (Diamond like carbon) finishes on the firing bolt and other stainless steel controls, and you have a firearm ready for whatever nature throws at it.

Raven 9 Status:
In Production

Raven 556 Status:
In Production

Raven 762 Status:
Under Development

See More Information:
Raven 9 Rifle


Tool-Less Modular Caliber Kits:

Caliber Compatible with
9x19MM Standard Length Caliber Kit (9x19MM)
Side Charging Cover 9MM Production Complete
Competition Magwell Flare 9MM Production Complete
5.56 NATO LTAC Raven Modular Caliber Kit - Mid Length
Assembly Status
Mid Length Upper Production Complete
Mid Length Magwell Production Complete
Bolt Assembly Production Complete
Side Charging Cover 556 Production Complete
Brass Deflector 556 Production Complete
Dust Cover Door 556 Production Complete
Competition Magwell Flare 556 Production Complete
.410 GA LTAC Raven Modular Caliber Kit - Mid Length
Assembly Status
Mid Length Upper Development Complete
Mid Length Magwell Development Complete
Bolt Assembly Under Development
.22LR LTAC Raven Modular Caliber Kit - Mid Length
Assembly Status
Mid Length Upper Complete
Mid Length Magwell Complete
Bolt Assembly Complete
ORDER NOW Mid Length Caliber Kit (.22LR)
22LR BELT FED LTAC Raven Modular Caliber Kit - Belt Fed
Assembly Status
Upper Development Complete
Feed System Under Development
Belt Under Development
ORDER NOW Raven Belt (.22LR)
7.62 NATO LTAC Raven Modular Caliber Kit - Long Length
Assembly Status
Long Length Upper Under Development
Long Length Magwell Under Development
Bolt Assembly Under Development
Side Charging Cover 762 Under Development
Brass Deflector 762 Under Development
Dust Cover Door 762 Under Development
ORDER NOW Long Length Caliber Kit (7.62 NATO)

More Future Caliber Kits will be available:

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