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Did you know that STATAS Trip Lines are offered in Two Colors? Find out Why!

When setting up the STATAS in a trip wire configuration as a perimeter early warning device, always consider your surrounding before selecting the type of safety munition to be used.

  • Is your camp setup under or around trees, tall grass or anything else which could accidently catch on fire?
  • Is there fuel tanks anywhere near you which could accidentally combust if burning ember was to land near it?

under trees

Colored Flares and their uses (depending on your surroundings)
We offer colored flares which are compatible with both 12GA Shotguns and our STATAS device.
As well, we have 15mm flares which also screw directly into our STATAS device.

  • Both colors of flares RED and GREEN are widely recognized to indicate an emergency. During day light, Green Flares are more visible than Red flares.
  • Colored flares can be launched to heights of up to 90 meters (295 ft). Due to the nature of the flare firing in the air, it's critical to analyze your surroundings to ensure that the flare will not pose any safety risks to people, animals or cause fires.
  • Typically the flares burn out while in the air and should not come down hot, however always ensure that even IF it did, that there would be no fire risk.
  • This device does launch in the air, so it is recommended to ONLY be used while deploying it manually.

Bear Bangers and their uses (depending on your surroundings)
We offer bear bangers which are compatible with both 12GA Shotguns and our STATAS device.

As well, we have 15mm bear bangers which also screw directly into our STATAS device

  • Bear bangers can be launched to distances of up to 45 meters (150 ft). Bear bangers make a loud gunshot style noise. They’re intended to scare bears away (when you aim into the air, not at the bear) without harming them.
  • This device does launch in the air, so it is recommended to ONLY be used while deploying it manually.
  • Once fired, there is a smaller noise, and then the bear banger is launched into the air. After a few seconds, a small explosion happens which generates the loud gunshot style noise.
  • Due to the main noise delay, and the fact that a small explosive projectile is being fired into the air, it is not recommended to be used for trip wire configurations around a camp perimeter. Instead, our HYBRID adapter should be used which has no delay, no fire hazard and is very safe and loud!

Whistles / Screamers and their uses (depending on your surroundings)
Our 15mm Whistles / Screamers screw directly into our STATAS device

  • Whistles / Screamers can be launched to distances of up to 45 meters (150 ft).
  • This device does launch in the air, so it is recommended to ONLY be used while deploying it manually.
  • It Leaves the launcher with an unusually high pitched and alarming sound which lasts for a few seconds.
  • They are great for scaring bears, cougars and other animals from a distance.

Hybrid Adapter utilizes common .209 12GA Primers and .22 Ramset Blanks!
When the STATAS is used in a trip wire configuration for a camp perimeter system, the safest munition is .209 12GA primers.

Biggest .209 12GA Primers & .22 Ramset Benefits:

  • This does NOT launch in the air, making it perfect for automatic trip wire deployment!
  • They are incredibly cheap! Instead of firing flares which cost a few dollars each, primers cost pennys!
  • They are still very loud!
  • There is no fire hazard.
  • There is no projectile being launched, making them perfect in dense forest settings.
  • .209 12GA primers are center fire and slightly more reliable than .22 Ramsets which are rimfire. However both should activate would issue.
  • .209 12GA primers are very tiny. You can fit 25 units of .209 Primers in the same space that 1 colored flare take up, or 40 units in the space of a Bear Banger or Whistles.

All different types of safety munitions are very loud. Ensure you are always wearing eye and ear protection!

How can a camp perimeter alert system help me?
Remember that having a perimeter alert system is NOT an excuse for poor camp etiquette!
The purpose of the trip wire system is to immediately alert you of a threat and alert the threat that they are in a place they shouldn't be. Most animals will instantly remove themselves from the situation as soon as the trip wire is deployed to avoid conflict.

  • Bear-proof your food!
    Store all food and other attractants in bear-resistant food-storage facilities where provided, or suspend them between two trees (minimum of four metres off the ground and one metre from tree trunks). Bear-proof/air-tight food containers are an option if tree storage is unavailable
  • pick a spot away from berry patches, animal and walking trails, and the sound of rushing water.
  • Watch for bear signs; if present, choose another area to camp in.
  • Keep your sleeping gear and tent free of food odours. Never cook in or near the tent as lingering food odours are an invitation to bears. Store the clothing you cooked in with your food in air-tight bags or containers. Keep tent pads clean and free of food and garbage. If possible, cook at least 100 meters (approximately one football field) downwind from your sleeping area.

What height should my trip wires be set at?
Always tailor your perimeter system for the expected threat.

  • Brown bears are about 4 feet tall when walking. We recommend setting up your trip line roughly 3ft off the ground.
  • Adult Cougars are about 2 - 2.5 feet tall when talking. A trip line may be better suited around 2ft off the ground. Keep in mind they are excellent jumpers and can jump nearly 6 meters (20ft) vertically from a sitting position. Placing trip wire devices at multiple different heights is recommended. More trip devices = added security!
  • Keep in mind that normally most large predators are just curious! Unless threatened, most animals do NOT want to mess with humans.

grizzly bear


There are other devices on the market that do SIMILAR things, but no device does everything the STATAS does!
Some other products are available, however there is nothing that compares to our impressive STATAS unit!
Most devices are packed with critical failure points, meaning when you need the device the most, it doesn't do its job.

Common Problems with other devices:
Problem #1 Failure to fire! - A device that does work 100% of the time, is not acceptable!
Solution: How did we combat this problem to ensure the STATAS will never have a failure to fire? Our engineers calculated the required loads of many different safety munitions, then added a large safety factor to ensure every time the STATAS is meant to fire, it WILL!

Problem #2: Most devices are not designed for long-term use in all weather conditions
Solution: STATAS Body - Aircraft Grade High Strength Aluminum and Type 2 Hardcoat Anodized for maximum corrosion resistance.
Solution: STATAS Spring - Made in Canada from Stainless Steel and rated for hundreds of thousands of cycles to ensure it cant fail when you need it most!
Solution: STATAS Firing Pin - Made from high strength, heat treated steel, and coated for maximum corrosion resistance in the elements.
Solution: STATAS Release Pin - Designed specifically to fit our Firing Pin with tight tolerances, the pin retracts easily and does not bind!
Solution: STATAS Pull Ring - Just like every part of the STATAS, our pull ring is overbuilt to ensure it never fails and is large enough to easily grab!
Solution: STATAS Trip Wire - Instead of bulky line that breaks, our UV Resistant 100LB strength High Abrasion Resistant will not break! Zero Stretch and Rot Proof, it's designed to last.

Problem #3 Other devices are all Big, Bulky and heavy, or Thin, Long and Inconvenient
Solution: Instead of having a heavy device that doens't fit anywhere, we designed our device to fit EVERYWHERE!
- Connect the STATAS to your life jacket with a small carabiner while being out on the water or use the interegrated 1" webbing slots!
- Attach this to your fishing vest while fly fishing in bear country to have a safety solution right at your finger tips.
- Put it in your jogging pants or hoodie while running alone on the trails.
- The STATAS is meant to be your adventure companion for life!

Problem #4 Incompatible with your Life
Solution: Instead of making a device suited for only one type of safety munition, the STATAS is ready to go to meet all of your needs.
12GA Blanks, 12GA Bear Bangers and 12GA Safety Flares? No problem! They slide with into the device in 1 second.
15mm Flares? No problem! They can be used without any additonal accessories.
.209 12GA Primers AND .22 RAMSET Blanks in 1 adapter!
Sleep peacefully knowing your new STATAS is defending.


What does the STATAS device look it and what is its primary features?
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